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On-line Training

Becoming a participant in Audubon TERN’s Citizen Science Monitoring Project requires that you receive training on data collection and recording. We also require that you review all of the Audubon TERN volunteer documentation to ensure you understand your role and responsibilities as a TERN volunteer. 

Through this on-line training program volunteers will learn:
  • Identification of local colonial water bird species
  • Current scientific survey and data collection protocols, as well as 
  • Information on how to assist researchers conduct surveys by boat and by land.
On-line Training is divided into 2 habitat-specific areas. Click on the link below for more specific/detailed information for each of these programs.

Foraging Monitoring Training:
This training will include identifying waterbirds, behaviors, and how to conduct surveys in foraging habitats throughout the year.  Sites for foraging monitoring are generally accessible by foot, some by kayak or boat as these habitats include wetlands, open water, marsh, ponds, streams, and man-made drainage features. 

Rookery Island Monitoring Training:
Training will include how to collect valuable data on colonial waterbirds during nesting season on nests, chick numbers and disturbances. Interested participants need to consider that sites for Rookery Monitoring are on islands or habitats which may be accessible only by motorized boat or kayak. Volunteers must stay off of islands at a safe distance at all times when conducting rookery monitoring to reduce disturbances to the birds.  

For additional information please contact the Audubon TERN Office.
4702 Hwy 146 North

Texas City, Tx 77590
Office409-941-9114 ext.104